Google Assistant

Google assistant header

One of our favorite con­ver­sa­tions to have with a client is when they come to us think­ing some­thing can’t be done, but they just want­ed to con­firm their suspicions. 

That’s what hap­pened here with our friends at Arts & Let­ters.

These ban­ners were con­ceived as rich media units because they were sup­posed to con­tain video. The shoot hap­pened and then the media buy changed. Video was sud­den­ly off the table. 

We can’t use video in a stan­dard ban­ner, right?” 

Right, but let’s take a shot at giv­ing the illu­sion of video and stay­ing under the 150K size lim­it for stan­dard banners.” 

Check out the result below.

A variety of Google Assistant standard banner animations.