Page builder apps for Salesforce

We’ve built a series of projects for Sales­force that start as sin­gle-use web pages but then extend them into apps that allow the mar­ket­ing team to cre­ate new cus­tom ver­sions of these web pages that main­tain the sophis­ti­cat­ed design their design­ers want­ed to achieve. 

The screen­shots below show one app that builds col­lec­tion” pages. Oth­er apps we’ve built can cre­ate cus­tomized ele­ments used through­out their site, like pro­mo­tion­al ban­ners, cus­tomiz­able head­ers, and unique cus­tomer pro­file pages. 

The col­lec­tions” builder fea­tured a cus­tom web com­po­nent that queries the Sales­force API to dis­play con­stant­ly updat­ed app details. To make cre­at­ing the new web pages more flex­i­ble, the app saves mul­ti­ple page builds in the brows­er using the Indexed­DB API. This data can also be down­loaded, backed up, and shared between Sales­force employees.

Sf page builder 1

The app lets users create multiple versions of sites at the same time.

Sf page builder 2

Custom web components allow app tiles to pull from the Salesforce API for current data.