Sales­force Days

In 2022, Sales­force intro­duced a new event called Sales­force Days to sup­port its ecosys­tem world­wide. They asked us to help launch the event. We designed and built the main event web­site in addi­tion to the pre-and-post-event land­ing pages. 

Sales­force Days includ­ed events for users in dif­fer­ent time zones glob­al­ly. One of the prob­lems to fig­ure out was how to allow users to find the top­ics they were inter­est­ed in that were also held at con­ve­nient times for their location. 

The event site was built in two parts. The front end was a Vue web app that pulled data from the Craft CMS back­end with GraphQL. The fil­ter­ing sys­tem worked and allowed users to share sched­ules because each detailed search was book­mark­able. The infra­struc­ture was host­ed on Heroku.

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The Salesforce Days event site featured a robust system to find events.