Tomorrow Sleep

These sim­ple, ele­gant ads for Tomor­row Sleep are sur­pris­ing­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed. The cam­paign, cre­at­ed by Mullen Lowe Pro­fero, appears to have dozens of dif­fer­ent exe­cu­tions, but these smart tem­plates use dynam­ic feeds to cus­tomize and opti­mize the ban­ners in real time.

Dynam­ic ads typ­i­cal­ly require spe­cif­ic char­ac­ter counts for the editable con­tent or the lay­out suffer.

This cam­paign need­ed added flex­i­bil­i­ty for a wide vari­ety of mes­sag­ing which meant a smarter solu­tion was need­ed. We built a lay­out engine into each ad to instant­ly lay­out the ad mul­ti­ple times to find the opti­mal size and posi­tion for each head­line before the ani­ma­tion began. Short pithy head­lines or long tes­ti­mo­ni­al head­lines with sub­heads. No problem.

Out of home

The ad place­ments weren’t just online. There were a wide vari­ety of addi­tion­al ani­ma­tions: the back­seat of a taxi, an ele­va­tor in a busy office build­ing, ani­mat­ed boards in Times Square and more.